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Podcast 195

01 - ナマコプリ “君とRAVE (DJ Shimamura ft. NO+CHIN Remix)” from Single [BUY]

02 - DAOKO × 中田ヤスタカ “ぼくらのネットワーク” from Single [BUY]

03 - フレデリック LIGHT” from Single [BUY]


05 - Noël Akchoté & 纐纈淳也 “DIM-フォーム” from テトラ寸法 [VIEW]

06 - kanchenjunga “愛玩 torso” from Single [VIEW]

07 - YEN “Can't take me anywhere” from Single [BUY]

08 - Komusō “Extension” from Luck will be on your side this week [FREE]

09 - ぞんび “クソったれが” from Single [BUY]

10 - BARBEE BOYS “なんだったんだ?7DAYS” from 3rd.Break [BUY]

Notes: Guest Giggysan joins us to talk about Neon Genesis Evangelion and his top 5 frogs! Thank you Nina from DigBoston for your track suggestion! -Tyler Abstract.


Podcast 194

01 - youheyhey “Bad Weather (ft. haruru犬love dog天使)” from Single [VIEW]

02 - Yuuyu Aensland “Kyuuu The Fukced Up” from Export [FREE]

03 - +Vacation 分岐点 (ft. uyuni, PARFUM, dau, prod. yung skah beats)” from P.S.V. [FREE]

04 - MATO “Escape Me” from A Paper Dream 2 [FREE]

05 - Ryoko Aomasa “Blue Summer” from Blue Summer (Lost at the Bottom of the Sea) [BUY]

06 - native “Just Four” from Just Four [BUY]

07 - The Boring Tapes “lotus” from Single [BUY]

08 - GIRLFRIEND “Hero” from Single [VIEW]

09 - nemui pj “Many Times We Hoped” from Single [FREE]

10 - Harito “Hello Hello Everyday” from Single [FREE]

Notes: Guest Giggysan joins us to talk about another wonderful Kaiju Big Battel experience! -Tyler Abstract.


Podcast 193

01 - Space Streakings “Getterrobo G” from 7-Toku [BUY]

02 - 7777777 “215-4” from 7777777 [FREE]

03 - DJ CHEAP BBIGWR” from Anxious Footworks EP [FREE]

04 - hamano “view” from Single [FREE]

05 - chiluco “vega” from selected ambient chiluco vol​.​1 [FREE]

06 - Cuushe “Strange Animal” from Red Rocket Telepathy [BUY]

07 - Asa-Chang & Junray “Hana” from Jun Ray Song Chang [BUY]

08 - Noga Boy “Night City” from Single [FREE]

09 - Suibots “Give me blue” from Selfish Youth e​.​p. [FREE]

10 - つくね大戦争 “お祭り・フェスティバル・フェス” from 鳥騙し [BUY]

Notes: Guest Giggysan joins us to for another classic cruising episode!! Thank you Thru The Flowers and Omoide Label for providing lots of free music!! -Tyler Abstract.


Podcast 192

01 - R-ucky “Fantasy アイドル” from Single [VIEW]

02 - SPACE BOYS “Star Runner” from Quartet [BUY]

03 - SHACHI ヒマワリ” from Single [BUY]

04 - shuhari “奥千本” from こえて、こころ [BUY]

05 - SAWAGI “Forget-Me-Not” from Demo EP [FREE]

06 - 水晶の舟 & Numinous Eye “Space Cruising” from Black Flowers Of The Forest In The Cosmos [BUY]

07 - SUNDAYS & CYBELE “不均衡” from On the grass [BUY]

08 - あさじ “6月13日” from 2013 [FREE]

09 - vincent naga “competence” from live at artyard studio [FREE]

10 - Isaac New tone “ゆれる” from Amplified e.p. [BUY]

Notes: Guest Giggysan joins us to for a return review of the Guitar Wolf film Wild Zero!! -Tyler Abstract.


Podcast 191

01 - tomatoism “Naruhodo” from Ahoge EP [FREE]

02 - SACHI “Turn Up The Music” from Single [BUY]

03 - Mobs Charisma” from Diabolism [BUY]

04 - Shinpal “Particle” from Promised Land [BUY]

05 - atsuko hatano “Endless Birthday” from Single [BUY]

06 - Minamata “Shiranui Sea[Cyclator2-115408[” from Cyclator [BUY]

07 - kono “ocean machine” from Single [BUY]

08 - ガガガSP “時代はまわる” from くだまき男の飽き足らん生活 [BUY]

09 - Left “未公開な未来” from clover [BUY]

10 - 04 Limited Sazabys “My HERO” from Single [BUY]

Notes: Guest Giggysan joins us to celebrate {abstract:japan}’s 8th birthday!! Get your genki on again with 3 more punk tracks recommended by J-Vlogger JaDan!! -Tyler Abstract.


Podcast 190

01 - GOOD4NOTHING “HELLO 61” from It's shoooort time!! [BUY]


03 - Post Modern Team Listen In The Time” from live at para​-​dice [FREE]

04 - Yuki Murata “timeless memories” from home [BUY]

05 - 想い出波止場 “We Are Hello” from Kinsei [BUY]

06 - Sourin “春愁” from 宗凛 [BUY]

07 - Takahiro Kido “Hong-Kong Rhapsody” from The New World [BUY]

08 - 坂本真綾 “指輪 (Movie Ver.)” from 劇場版 エスカフローネ ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK [BUY]

09 - Yuki Murata “red owl” from Piano Fantasia [BUY]

10 - KOKIA “本当の音” from moment [BUY]

Notes: Guest Giggysan joins us to talk about My Hero Academia: Two Heroes!! PLUS ULTRA!! Get your genki on with 2 punk tracks recommended by J-Vlogger JaDan!! -Tyler Abstract.


Podcast 189

01 - THE MOLICE “Hello Hello” from GATE [BUY]

02 - Snarewaves “IDOL” from Single [FREE]

03 - Comanechi Major Move” from Single [BUY]

04 - 死んだ僕の彼女 “I Think About Mary Poppins” from Hades (The Nine Stages Of Change At The Deceased Remains) [BUY]

05 - Velle Witch “S'esebettre” from 血・貴婦人 [VIEW]

06 - Rickshaw “superhighway” from recurring dreams [N/A]

07 - 水の中で雨中 “青い水槽” from 水の中で雨中 [BUY]

08 - VALKYLIE “Shouting to the Hell” from Lamia Shock! [VIEW]

09 - OLD ARAQ “Some town is not here” from Single [FREE]

10 - 佐藤タイジ&華純連 “踊らなソンソン” from Single [BUY]

Notes: Guest Giggysan joins us to talk about Eganstock- the surprise camping trip with Mugen Hoso live & more!! Thank you Christina for sharing the closing track!! -Tyler Abstract.


Podcast 188

01 - Crossfaith “Freedom (ft. Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari)” from Single [BUY]

02 - nikoi0227 “Stay with me” from Single [FREE]

03 - CHICO CARLITO 月桃の花が枯れる頃 (prod by OLIVE OIL)” from Single [BUY]

04 - CVN “成分” from Orange Milk Japan Tour Compilation [BUY]

05 - Class1 Knotted-like Homeobox Gene “Hardboiled Wonderland” from Materials [FREE]

06 - TOMO “People Are Tired” from Tomo [BUY]

07 - メトロノ “The Ivory Acrobat” from Orange Milk Japan Tour Compilation [BUY]

08 - the hatch “SEXGAME” from Opaque Age [BUY]

09 - Takeshi Inomata & Sound Limited “Theme~Mustache” from Sounds Of Sound L.T.D. [BUY]

10 - 加納未樹 “mushi” from Single [FREE]

Notes: Guest Giggysan joins us to talk about Night Is Short, Walk On Girl & the documentary Big In Japan on our way to a surprise camping trip with Mugen Hoso live!! The Mugen Hoso T-shirt/CD giveaway winner is announced!! Thank you Chris for your request!! -Tyler Abstract.


Podcast 187

01 - 無限放送 “ノースカロライナシェパードドッグ” from ノースカロライナシェパードドッグ [BUY]

02 - kingyo “Sunset (m0rim0rit0day Remix)” from Single [FREE]

03 - 385 恋がわからない” from 人間 [BUY]

04 - maisou “積乱雲” from 浮遊感。[BUY]

05 - RUINS “Zumn-Vigo” from Vrresto [BUY]

06 - whhhy!!!!! “tanabata” from Single [VIEW]

07 - Humbert Humbert “Tora” from Folk 2 [BUY]

08 - RITTO×OLIVEOIL “しーじゃー pt 2” from アブサン2014~2017 [BUY]

09 - 092FC “GYU-DON (ft. 智大)” from Wheel Come Full Circle [BUY]

10 - GOOFY18 “LOVE&WAR” from Tokyo Chikatetsu vol 1 [BUY]

Notes: Guest Giggysan join us to talk about The Mugen Hoso 2017 USA Tour Documentary & Isle of Dogs. Tune in for a Mugen Hoso T-shirt/CD giveaway!! -Tyler Abstract.


Podcast 186

01 - In Your Face “Synopsis” from A PATH AWAY [BUY]

02 - Northern19 “MESSAGE” from PRESENCE [BUY]

03 - pavilion xool Beautiful Love” from Single [FREE]

04 - 34423 “Asymmetry Circuit” from Single [BUY]

05 - ♡u∫agi幻覚∀∁ⓛᙌ✬ “ᖘ⒭ëĽಟĐҿ✧✦” from Single [FREE]

06 - Savage Aural Hotbed “Big Arms” from Gomi Daiko [BUY]

07 - ゆるめるモ! “Only You” from YOU ARE THE WORLD [BUY]

08 - TWENTY DOLLAR$ “If I Could Ask Him” from SEED [BUY]

09 - #STDRUMS  “Shetuze's Clear” from FUSION PUNK MACHINE [BUY]

10 - yoxtellar “Give me something” from Complex or Destruction [FREE]

Notes: Guests Giggysan and Laughmatician join us to talk about The Pillows live, FLCL, My Hero Academia, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Aggretsuko!! -Tyler Abstract.


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